Sunday, 11 September 2011

Give It Your Best Shot!

At last the day I'd waited for had arrived. My best pressed shirt lay waiting for me on the bed as I

slipped into a hot shower. As I soaped myself down I felt my cock stirring and it took all my resolve

not to touch it. I didn't want to be late for my appointment.

I decided to take the bus as I couldn't trust myself to drive. My hands were shaking with nervous anticipation and beads of sweat had begun to form on my brow. As it turned out the bus journey was hell. Every nerve in my body was pulsing in overdrive and the vibrations of the bus made me feel horny. I briefly entertained the idea of slipping my hands down my boxers and stroking my balls but the bus was packed to the hilt. At last I arrived at my destination and, taking a deep breath, I opened the door and stepped into the foyer.
I was greeted by Jo who assured me with a warm smile that there was nothing to be nervous about. She led me to the studio and I was surprised by the distinct lack of equipment, a simple white back drop, a chair and two strategically placed light boxes.
'I always find that simplicity is best' she said 'we can experiment with positions and you can tell me which feels best for you.'
I could barely speak, my throat was dry and scratchy. She was so nice that I felt rather guilty about lying to her.
I had barely removed my jacket when she began to shoot. The rapid fire click of the camera excited me and I fought hard not to let it show.
'So what do you write' Jo enquired?
'Oh, err non-fiction, business to business articles mainly' I stuttered.
'Very important to have professional profile shots then' she replied 'I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results'.
I had no doubt I would but for very different reasons.
The shoot was over quickly much to my relief. I decided to get a taxi home, I couldn't risk the bus as I felt horny again. The proofs were to be e-mailed to me in the next twenty four hours. It was the longest wait of my life.
I lost count of how many times I checked the printer was working. My desk was stocked with high quality photo paper and dozens of spare printer cartridges. I'd been preparing for this for a long time. I showered again and it was agonising. I'd never gone quite so long without touching myself and my balls were so full of cum that they throbbed angrily. I knew I couldn't trust myself to stay home alone so I met up with a few mates for a beer. Safety in numbers.

The following morning I woke with a start, my massive erection jutting out from under the sheets. Usually I would languish in bed and tug on my cock but not today. Today was different and I spent a frustrating morning pacing around my flat. It was 12.03pm before the e-mail dropped into my inbox and I didn't even bother to read the message. By 12.04 I had downloaded the file onto my memory stick and inserted it into the printer. Within seconds the machine began to whirr and I watched with anticipation as the first picture slid into the out tray. My buttocks tightened and I felt the familiar signal in the pit of my stomach. I carefully retrieved the thick stack of photos and made my way to the bedroom where I spread them out on top of the duvet. My face stared up at me, eyes fixed, lips slightly parted and smiling, as if teasing me. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt letting my fingers gently brush my chest, within seconds I was rock hard. I kept my gaze on the deep, brown eyes as the blood rushed to my throbbing pole. My trousers and boxers lay at my feet and I kicked them away before straddling on the bed. Surrounded by my own image I took my cock into my hand and slowly rubbed pre cum around it's engorged head. I was shaking and groaning as I slipped my hand down to the base of my prick and felt my nails gently scrape on the soft flesh. I pumped slowly at first wanting to savour every moment, spurred on by pictures of my half open lips waiting hungrily for me to spurt. I leant back on my haunches displaying my massive erection to the full and pulled faster and harder. The skin slipped effortlessly over my cock head and back again, swelling my bollocks in readiness. I cupped them with my other hand gently massaging as I gazed at my willing audience. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer, there was no going back, so I wanked harder and rubbed my balls frantically until coming was inevitable. The release was amazing as shots of thick, creamy cum spattered all over the bed hitting my faces and smearing my lips. I continued squeezing my balls until the very last drop before collapsing on top of the glossy, wet photos. I could barely breath, the scent of printer ink and semen was delicious.
That was three months ago and I've spent a fortune on paper and ink. I've even had more photos done but it's worth it, my orgasms are always amazing. Photo Shooting is a fantastic hobby

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