Monday, 29 August 2011

BLUE MOON - Part 1

So there I was, my hips gyrating as Adrians expert fingers worked their magic on my clit and I wondered how this man had taken just two hours to completely seduce me. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not usually the sort of girl who throws off her inhibitions, never mind her knickers, on the first date but then this was no ordinary date.

I was introduced to Adrian in the Blue Moon, a decadent gay bar on the outskirts of the city. Not that everyone who went there was gay. The Blue Moon had a reputation for being a place of fun and dance where the staff always wore smiles and played tambourines in between serving customers. I arrived with Susie whom I had affectionately nicknamed The Corrupter after she had served me up to her husband as a birthday gift a few weeks ago.

But I digress.

When I first laid eyes on Adrian he was stroking the cheek of a rather stunning blonde who had just served him a drink. Marcel, aka the stunning blonde, turned out to be his boyfriend but that didn’t stop Adrian from fixing his smouldering dark eyes on mine. I know it’s a cliche but I felt like he was undressing me right there and then. I shivered, I blushed, I even swooned a little. I did just about everything but orgasm. I daresay if he’d have touched me that first night I would have done that too.The following day Susie informed me that I had been invited to dinner. I had a pretty good idea that I would become the main course. I accepted at once.

I wore my best silk dress and a clean shaven pussy. I sipped red wine as I watched him cook. I don’t even remember what the flat looked like, I was watching him stride around the kitchen like a god. His fingers peeled, grinded and stirred enticingly. If we had a conversation I don’t recall it. At some point during the night he took my hand and led me to the bedroom and, positioning me in front of him, placed his hands on my hips. Every nerve in my body sparked as Adrian leaned forward and gently burrowed between my thighs. I heard him breath in the scent of my juices and let out a soft moan of approval. ‘Don’t move’ he whispered. It was hard not to as I felt the tips of his fingers creep slowly up my legs and under my dress. My pussy was on fire and all I wanted to do was cram his hand right inside me. Luckily Adrian had the same idea and pretty soon I was riding that fist like a bitch from hell.

Just as I was about to explode he pulled out his hand. My cunt was a gaping chasm and I let out a cry of protest. In an instant I felt my dress fall to the floor and there I stood in all my naked glory. Adrian fixed his hungry eyes on my taut, pink nipples, his tongue quickly followed. He teased and flicked, fixed his lips around the entire circumference of my aureole then sucked those little bullets deep into his mouth. Just when I thought they couldn’t get any harder I felt his teeth clamp on my buds, gently but firmly pull them to the brink of ecstasy. I was helpless, all I could do was ride the waves running up and down my spine and urge him on with my groans. Once again Adrian pulled away just as I was about to come. God, the bastard was playing me well. I had no idea what was coming next, not that I cared, I was putty in his hands so when he spun me round I didn’t flinch. My bottom was directly in front of his face and I could feel his hot breath on my cheeks. ‘Bend over’ he said. I didn’t need telling twice.

So there I was, my cheeks splayed open showing off every detail. Talk about up close and personal. My heart was beating so fast that I thought my chest would explode. My pink star twitched with anticipation and I gasped as a cool, sticky liquid slithered down into my crack. Lube, my god, as if I wasn’t wet enough. Adrians tongue entered my arse with ease and those magic fingers found my clit once more. If he had plans to pull away again he didn’t act fast enough. I couldn’t hold it any more and I came hard, bearing down on his tongue, pushing it in right to the root. At the same time I reached between my legs, grabbed those fingers and rammed them up my pussy as far as they would go. I swear that orgasm lasted forever but this ride wasn’t over yet. Now it was my turn to play.

I turned to face him and he casually leant back on the bed. His dark eyes sparkled and he wore the look of triumph on his face. ‘Don’t get smug’ I warned before I grabbed at his shirt and tore it apart. His smooth, brown torso was exposed and I could see goosebumps rising on his arms. ‘Stand up’ I whispered when he did I placed him right in front of me, his groin level with my face. I watched his face as I unbuttoned his jeans and slowly unzipped him. It had crossed my mind that he may not be able to fill me as good as his fist had done but I quickly realised how wrong I was. Even before I released it from his boxers it was obvious his cock was more than up to the job. It didn’t take me long to take it into my mouth, my lips slid right down his shaft and as they came back up, I sucked hard. When I reached the top I let my tongue slide around the tip. I slid down again licking every ridge and vein until I could feel his cock down my throat. I held him there whilst my hand cupped his balls, one finger massaging his perineum. It was only at this point that I became aware of Adrians loud gasps of pleasure and boy that made me feel good. I released his cock smiling as it slapped against his taut belly. ‘Lay down’ I said.

I watched hungrily as, at my bidding, Adrian slid a condom over his huge prick and I positioned myself over it. I eased him in slowly and felt myself stretched to the limit all the while swaying my hips rhythmically until finally I engulfed the whole lot with my pussy. Adrian cried out and arched his back pushing his hardness even deeper. I liked that and he guessed that I liked that which is why he grabbed my hips and began to arch and thrust with wild abandon. I felt him swelling to bursting point and I knew he was ready to come so I leant back and found my clit. My labia were huge and I rubbed myself urgently while he watched me and urged me on. I came first but the spasms from my pussy soon brought him off too. We both screamed.
That was our first date but we had many more.

Oh, by the way. Did I mention that Susie gave me as a ‘birthday gift’ to her husband? Well, here’s how it all started

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